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What to expect from a YouFirst Campus welcome drink

Updated on October 27, 2022
Student Life

Living in a YouFirst Campus student residence is a unique experience. A good atmosphere, a chance to meet people and regular get-togethers. Our first event is the welcome drink for newcomers. Rather than tell you how it’s done, we’ll take you through the welcome drink experience at the Paris Porte d’Ivry residence as if you were there. Report.

Everything begins outside the building

The YouFirst Campus Paris Porte d’Ivry residence is just outside the metro station. You can see straight away that the residence building is new and completely white, with a simple and modern architecture. As you arrive at the entrance, there are students outside enjoying some fresh air and chatting. It’s time to swipe your badge to go through the secure entrance.

“The building is beautiful, it’s brand new and it’s great!”  

Martin, from Brazil, arrived 3 weeks ago

Time to head to the party

Once inside, and as you move towards the tapas and focaccias in the buffet area prepared by our catering partner JUJU’S Traiteur, you’re pleasantly surprised by the number of languages you hear around you. You can hear French but also plenty of English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic. With over 47 nationalities represented by its 300 residents, the YouFirst Campus Paris Porte d’Ivry is a real melting pot. It’s an ideal place to practise foreign languages every day.

“It’s very international, we speak English a lot of the time. We meet people from all over the world.”  

Alix, from Lille, has been at the residence for one year

YouFirst Manager YouFirst Campus

YouFirst Manager welcomes students

More than just a get-together

For many, this welcome drink is an opportunity to meet people and make new friendships. It’s important to be able to count on others, especially when you’re away from your family. Fellow students who have been there for more than a year play a valuable role. They provide advice, reassurance and are happy to share their contact details for when newcomers might need something or just want to socialise. Students also have plenty of opportunities to meet up more informally outside events. Whether you’re at the gym, sharing a kitchen, having a chat in the laundry room or watching a film, every occasion is a good one.

“I’ve made so many friends… we all know each other, we’re there when someone needs something.”

Shana, from Lebanon, has been at the residence for one year

Everything at hand

What do newcomers appreciate the most? Often, it’s the location. The YouFirst Campus Paris Porte d’Ivry residence is very close to several schools and universities. It’s also on metro line 7, which is ideal for anyone who studies at the Sorbonne and for those who want to go to the centre of Paris directly.

“It’s so close to my school, I thought I’d made a mistake when I came to visit.”

Joseph, from Lebanon, the first visitor

Waffle Lollipop animation

Proche de tout

La chose préférée des nouveaux arrivants ? Souvent, il s’agit de la localisation : la résidence YouFirst Campus Paris Porte d’Ivry est tout près de plusieurs écoles. Elle est aussi sur la ligne 7, idéal pour ceux qui étudient à la Sorbonne… et pour tous ceux qui veulent se rendre dans le centre de Paris sans faire un seul changement.

« C’est tellement proche de mon école, j’ai cru que je m’étais trompé quand je suis venu faire la visite »

Jospeh, du Liban, premier à avoir fait une visite

Students enjoyed the lollipop waffles from our partner

Meet Mélodie

Mélodie is the residence’s YouFirst Manager. She’s there every day and she’s like a second mum to some students. Mélodie knows how to give good advice to foreign residents (she speaks 3 different languages) to help them navigate French administration, which can be overwhelming when you’ve come from as far away as Canada or Mauritius.

“Melody is always there if there’s a problem.”  

Lucien, from Tunisia, has been at the residence for one year and three days

The welcome drink is the first of many events and chances to meet people throughout the year. Whether it’s for Halloween, for Christmas or for the galette des rois celebrations, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the year in good company.