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The YouFirst Campus Experience from inside

Updated on April 30, 2021
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No matter where they come from, be it all over France, Morocco, Turkey, Germany or the Philippines, most of our residents have just left their family home and are heading out on their own for the first time. A new city, a new life, a sense of adventure and dreams to fulfil. Students from our YouFirst Campus residences in Marseille, Paris and Pessac share their experiences…

First steps towards independence…

« It was the first place that welcomed me on my new adventure and helped ensure that everything was all plain sailing. My first apartment was in an incredible location and was the beginning of my independence.” . »

Noah, 18,  algeria - YouFirst Campus Marseille

 «I’ve been with YouFirst Campus since September 2019, it’s like a second home :). It’s been fantastic! I have a little sister who might come to Marseille one day, and I would definitely recommend this residence to her. »

Lilia, 26, algeria, YouFirst Campus Marseille

« Having just turned 18, I left the only country I had ever lived in. I started my life as a young adult here, and went through all the rough patches it comes with. So it was really reassuring to have some structure and support for such an enormous change. It was also reassuring for my parents in the sense of not leaving me alone in a city where I didn’t know anyone. »

Lina, 21, morocco - YouFirst Campus Pessac

Deux étudiantes s'amusant dans une résidence YouFirst Campus

From the heart of the city... to the soul of the community 

« I didn’t chose a student residence just for all of the services on offer (gym, Wi-Fi, parking, laundry room etc.), but also because Bordeaux has a very “south-western France” feel — a vibrant, young and cool vibe. The city has fantastic tram and bus connections. And to top it off, everyone on the YouFirst Campus team is really friendly. Everyone in the residence knows the cleaner, Murielle, who is really kind, caring and always makes time for us. Jérémie, the engineer, is also very nice and helpful. And of course, there’s Élodie, our YouFirst Manager, who joined us for the various event evenings for Easter and for the galette des rois celebrations »

Thomas, 25, FRANCE- YouFirst Campus Pessac

« What do I like most about the residence? There are always plenty of people you can talk to, but more importantly, if you have any problems, you can contact the manager» 

Ahenk, 22, turkey - YouFirst Campus Tolbiac

My apartment is spacious and comfortable for studying and relaxation. I really love the privacy and the view of the garden. The location of the residence in the 13th arrondissement of Paris is perfect, as it’s just 2 steps away from plenty of shops so I can pick up groceries and cook every day! My neighbours have become a second family to me, and I think we’ll always keep in touch. In real life and online via social media sites, and on the YouFirst Campus platform which encourages people to get involved (…) I’ve been able to improve as a student and achieve great things in my studies at Sciences Po and my internship at the UNESCO headquarters ”

Amyrrha, 25 ans, philippine - YouFirst Campus Tolbiac

Etudiants discutant dans leur appartement étudiant YouFirst Campus

Ease + comfort + safety = success!

«I feel more secure being surrounded by students and the fact that there are always people in the residence. It’s also easier from a furnishing point of view, so I was able to move in quickly without too many issues. The laundry room and gym have also been big pluses during this mentally challenging time for students.  »

Jasmine, 19, franCE - YouFirst Campus Marseille

« I like the location of the residence and the sense of security with the manager being so close by and their professionalism. I was able to study with complete peace of mind and I didn’t feel homesick as much. I realise how lucky I was to have studied in this environment.”  »

Loni, 26, FRANCE - YouFirst Campus Tolbiac

Raphael - 24 - Germany - YouFirst Campus Lille

« Finding somewhere to live as an international student is very difficult. You don’t have (much of) an income, and your parents’ salaries in your home country aren’t accepted. Managing insurance, banking and electricity is hard over the phone. So I want to thank the YouFirst manager for their help and advice during the first few days! It’s just like a family here, and with all the residence’s facilities like the gym and lounge, it’s been a huge life-saver during the COVID crisis. »
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Lounge convivial avec jeux dans les résidences étudiantes YouFirst Campus

Lounge Area - YouFirst Campus Lille Euralille