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Student working in her studio in a student residence YouFirst Campus

The different apartments: One-bedroom apartment, two-room apartment, studio… What’s the difference?

Updated on May 12, 2021
Student Life

The new academic year is approaching and the right apartment can help you make the most of your student life. So, you’ll want to look for one that meets all your needs and fits your lifestyle. Do you need help understanding what the living spaces behind the descriptions are actually like? Studio, one-bedroom, two-room, large apartment, shared apartment… Let us guide you through the different types of apartment that YouFirst Campus offers !

The different types of apartment

During your search for student accommodation, you will no doubt have encountered the terms studio, T1 T2, T3..etc. But what do they mean?

What’s in a Studio?

The Studio is the most common choice for students. It’s a single multipurpose space with the main room serving as a study, living room and bedroom, complete with a separate bathroom and toilet. It’s a comfortable space just for you that is easy to keep clean and tidy every day.

Fully furnished, YouFirst Campus studio apartments always offer:

  • A sleeping area with comfortable bed and nightstand
  • A quiet study area
  • A shower room with sink, big mirror and toilet
  • A kitchenette with two cooking plates, a microwave oven, a fridge freezer and a tableware/kitchenware set for you to cook great food, either on your own or with your neighbours

Etudiant sur son lit dans une résidence étudiante YouFirst Campus

Studio - Bordeaux Pellegrin

What do “T1” and “T2” mean?

In France, most offers will portray T1 or T2, the “T” stands for “type”, whereas the number after the T (1, 2 or 3) indicates how many rooms are in the apartment. In some countries the descriptions state how many bedrooms the apartment presents. However keep in mind that what is depicted and counted in France is the number of rooms, as in living spaces, not bedrooms.

Essential spaces like the bathroom, WC and kitchen aren’t counted in this number — they’re always included as standard!

Unlike a studio, a one-bedroom apartment has a kitchen that is separate from the main room.

  • T1 stands for one-bedroom apartment: One room = the main room + a separate kitchen area
  • T2 stand for two-room apartment: Two rooms: the main room + a separate kitchen area + 1 bedroom
  • T3 or T4 have the same layout with multiple rooms, made to share !

Deux étudiants dans la cuisine équipée d'une résidence étudiante YouFirst Campus

T1 - Paris Cité Cinéma

YouFirst Campus one-bedroom apartments (T1)

To try and make things easier for our non-french speaking students at YouFirst Campus we only present the full description of the layout. You will however find these terms in your contract. Our one-bedroom student apartments are for individual rental. They consist of a main room, a separate furnished kitchen area and a bathroom with shower, sink, storage and toilet.

This is the apartment for you if you’re looking for the perfect balance between space and comfort with practical storage!

Two-room apartments (T2)

Each two-room student apartment has a main room, a separate furnished kitchen, a private bedroom and a bathroom.

This extra room is the right choice if you take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to those dirty dishes nearing bedtime ?

Etudiante dans un grand appartement d'une résidence étudiante YouFirst Campus

T2 - Lille Euralille

Our shared apartments

Shared apartments have a shared main room including a kitchen, individual bedrooms and a shared or private bathroom. In most cases, the bathroom is private and includes a toilet. There are several different bathroom layouts available: shared, individual, with separate toilet or with toilet included.

The living areas of the residence are shared, so there is no living room containing a sofa inside the shared apartments. Instead, you can meet other residents in the lounge room!

Sharing an apartment is often cheaper — and it’s a great option for quickly making new friends when you arrive in a new city and don’t know anyone.

Deux étudiantes discutant dans la cuisine d'une résidence étudiante YouFirst Campus

Colocation - Paris Lecourbe

YouFirst Campus large apartments

For those who need space, our large apartments have a surface area of more than 40 sq.m. Available for individual rental only, they are rare and in demand, so they go fast!

Do you know what you need? Some residences offer little extras like a terrace or balcony.

If having a little outdoor space is important to you, keep an eye out for the word balcony in the apartments offered!

And of course, all our residences have apartments suitable for people with reduced mobility.