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Studio, apartment share, student residence ?

Updated on February 06, 2021
Student Life

Know yourself

Am I ready to live alone?

Having your own apartment is the dream for students who want to experience the joys of freedom without constraints. You answer only to yourself. You can manage your time as you like, decorate your apartment with your favourite plants, invite around who you want when you want and choose what Netflix series you watch next. Life on your own terms! But the main question here is this: Are you ready to take on all aspects of it? Arriving in a new city with no friends (at least at the beginning), long winter evenings, taking care of household chores and administrative tasks on your own? Depending on your personality, these inevitable moments of “solitude” will either be opportunities for rejuvenation and self-discovery or difficult and sometimes make-or-break experiences. What’s more, in Bordeaux, as in Lyon or Paris, the race for student studios is often a marathon: endless queues before the first visit, guarantees and other conditions required by property owners, the high rental prices… But if that’s the lifestyle you dream of, don’t give up on it. You’ll get there and enjoy it

Three tips for international students

  • Don’t wait until you’re in France. Do your research and send your applications remotely.
  • Make sure the lessor is genuine. Never send money before signing contract.
  • Google is your friend… Use Google Maps, Google Earth and the reviews if there are any — they will help you to plan better.

Classic apartment shares… Heaven is other people?

Ah, shared living: pizza evenings, cleaning schedules, your spot on the sofa… If you’re a social person, if you thrive on interacting with others and you’re convinced that people are stronger and happier together, then go for it! And, apart from the social aspect, the financial benefits of apartment sharing are significant too: sharing of rent, charges, shopping — all in larger living spaces than a studio. So, apartment sharing is heaven then, right? It’s not quite as simple as that. Living as part of a community does not remove the demands of everyday life. In fact, they must be managed at the same time as learning to live with the different personalities under the same roof. Choosing who you live with is therefore essential, but if the group shares the same values of listening, respect and patience, you’re in for an unforgettable experience!

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Student residences… Individual or shared, wouldn’t I want a little more?

First introduced a few years ago to make up for the lack of student housing and offer an alternative to standard rentals, student residences have blended the standard real-estate offering with that provided by hotels. The result is a mix of the classic rental offering with a focus on services and communal areas. If you want to live on your own or with a flatmate but in a supported and social setting, this is the ideal compromise. There’s no need to drag your damp laundry home from the local laundrette — you will often have a laundry room. Does a gym membership cost too much? Most residences feature a free fitness room. Do you want to share things but not all the time? There are always various events occurring in these new student living spaces. Another advantage is that they offer support solutions (partnership with guarantee agencies, administrative assistance, logistics etc.) to simplify your daily life. The only downside is that these student apartments are reserved… for students! If you think mixing only with students would be a bit much, maybe it’s not for you.

Otherwise, say hello to your new life !

Infographie sur le marché du logement étudiant en France en 2020

* study on the student housing market in France in 2020