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Six apps to make your student life a breeze

Updated on October 06, 2022
Student Life

Notion, the all-in-one workspace 

Course notes, documents, to-do lists… Notion lets you store everything all in one place and share whatever you want with whoever you want. The app is extremely adaptable, and it’s incredibly easy to get to grips with using it. And another added bonus? It’s free for students. Just one tip: go for it

Coursera, knowledge at your fingertips 

If you want to learn useful skills for your future, Coursera is for you. Courses, professional certificates, degrees from world-class universities and companies… ranging from science to business and even IT, there’s something for every occupation, at any level. Coursera’s promise is clear: “Learn without limits”.   

Bankin’, the simple and efficient bank 

Bankin’ is an app that lets you manage your money from your phone. It’s quite simple. The app is free and offers a range of innovative functions, like saving money on your bills with its monitoring tool and negotiated prices, quick access to loans up to €1000 to make your plans become a reality, an automatic budget tool to help with savings, or even cashback… practical and smart.

Too Good To Go, the anti-waste solution 

All too often, shops have to throw away food that is still perfectly good to eat. Instead of food being thrown away, you can help to reduce food waste at a great price. This is the mission behind Too Good To Go, which connects responsible traders and smart food lovers. You can enjoy it on a regular basis as there’s something for everyone.  

Kipup, the free digital newsstand 

Want to keep up with the latest economic developments, read a detailed match report or hear about the latest beauty trends? No problem, Kipup brings all the latest news straight to your mobile device. You can follow whatever’s hitting the headlines… and it’s free for students. Just create an account and register your student card to enjoy everything on offer.  

Canva, graphic design in practice 

Posters, presentations, logos, business cards… Canva lets you create and share professional-quality designs effortlessly. The app offers numerous templates and collaborative tools — ideal for group work. Try the free version now and let your creativity run wild. 

Bonus : FranceConnect

Although not strictly an app, it’s a very convenient way to connect to many government services in just one click — including Ameli or CAF, which you may need on a regular basis. By the way, speaking of CAF, we’ve written an article to help you navigate it more easily — available to read right here.