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Moving-in support

Updated on October 14, 2022
Student Life

About to move into a YouFirst Campus student residence?  Here are five key tips to help you prepare for a seamless move-in experience.

Tip 1: Arrange your inventory slot with your YouFirst Manager

This is the first person to contact. As soon as you know when you’re going to arrive at the residence, make an appointment with your YouFirst Manager so you can go through the inventory. You’ll get a tour of your new home, and a look at the common areas and some general practical information.

 The YouFirst Team is here for you

Your YouFirst Manager does lots more than just inventories. They’re the backbone of the residence and always there to make your life easier. Got any admin questions? Simply contact the rental manager via your customer account for an answer.

YouFirst Campus YouFirst Manager

A YouFirst Manager available in all YouFirst Campus

Tip 2: Get connected to an electricity supplier

A new house means opening an electric meter account. If you’re sharing an apartment or you’re living in the Paris Grande Arche, Paris La Défense or Marseille residences, you can skip this step.

If not, you can easily get connected before moving in. Your future energy supplier will just need your electricity meter’s unique identifier (point de livraison, PDL) and your unit number. Both numbers can be found in the email sent by your YouFirst Manager before you signed the contract.

It’s hard to know which supplier to choose… but with our partner Deconseil, you’ll be able to compare dozens of offers, including some green alternatives to reduce your carbon footprint.

Tip 3: Make sure you’re fully covered

Taking out a home insurance policy is mandatory. In fact, you’ll have to provide a certificate of insurance when the keys are handed over. Why? This is to ensure that you’re protected financially if something happens in your new home.

To help you understand and choose the best home insurance for you, we’ve written an article on this very topic, which you can read right here.

Tip 4: Register with CAF

Whether you’re a French or international student, you’re entitled to the ALS (allocation de logement sociale — French social housing allowance), which is financial support paid every month. To claim the allowance, visit the website of the French national social security office (Caisse d’allocations familiales, CAF) as soon as you’ve signed your lease.

YouFirst Campus Talence université

Talence Université YouFirst Campus

More CAF info

We’ve written an article specifically covering housing support.
All details

Tip 5: Open a bank account

Having your own bank account is very convenient, especially for all those admin processes. Once you’ve opened an account, you’ll be given a bank account details summary slip (relevé d’identité bancaire, RIB) that you can use to make your rent payments more easily. You can even set up a direct debit for even more peace of mind.

 You see, moving in isn’t all that hard… especially when help is on hand. We’re always here every step of the way to help and answer any questions. And of course, we’ll be by your side during your stay at YouFirst Campus.