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The YouFirst Campus Montsouris residence has had a makeover — and it’s good for the planet!

Updated on October 12, 2023
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Open to students since 2015, the YouFirst Campus Montsouris student residence needed a good upgrade. And we’re happy to announce that it has now been completed! To better match YouFirst’s service offering, this brand-new campus has had a facelift. And the results certainly meet our expectations! To mark its reopening on 21 August, we take a look back on this innovative renovation that emphasises energy efficiency without compromising on looks or functionality. Welcome to your guided tour of the latest YouFirst Campus student residence!

A living space designed for students and young professionals

A former office building, the YouFirst Campus Montsouris student residence used to offer students large, five-bedroom, American-style shared apartments. However, from now on, the student residence will meet the more homely requirements of our YouFirst Campus charter by offering studios to rent or two-room student apartments, with a total of 70 units available.

Our and residence at Paris 13 offers students and young professionals shared communal spaces where you can build real social links without having to leave your home. To meet the high standards of service that have made our residences so successful, the YouFirst Campus Montsouris student residence renovation project has transformed a number of unused spaces into study rooms, a gaming room, a gym and a laundry. This facelifted version of the residence also includes an “agora”, a common room with a large kitchen and a small Zen space on the 6th floor. We can’t wait to see the first students enjoying it!

A living space pioneering energy innovation

Innovation Ambassador at YouFirst and Technical Operations Manager Sonia Mendes reminds us of the ambitious CSR commitments made by Gecina, the creative group behind YouFirst Campus living spaces: “Making all our operational buildings carbon neutral by 2030 requires us to test innovative solutions on them. For the Montsouris residence renovation, we put our trust in French startups in three different areas: wall coverings, water savings and autonomous energy production.”


Heat-regulating, pollution-removing paint 

The future-proof Tempolis paint from Solvenn absorbs, stores and releases thermal energy as needed depending on the season. In other words, it regulates the temperature of your living spaces. So much so, in fact, that it aims for a minimum of 10% energy savings on heating in winter and a 2–3°C improvement in comfort in summer. And another added bonus? This paint purifies the air by absorbing pollutants and turning them into harmless molecules, with an expected 80% reduction in formaldehyde concentration. Relax, you’re in good hands...

Water-efficient shower heads

Designed to lower consumption (6.6 L/min. vs. 12 L/min. on standard models), the new-generation shower heads from Hydro save both water and energy. But that’s not their only benefit. With their LED system that changes colour based on water consumption, they make you aware of the need to reduce the time spent showering in a fun way. The expected gain? 11% financial savings on water consumption and up to 15% if we add the energy saved heating water!

Electricity-generating bikes 

The gym at the YouFirst Campus Montsouris student residence is equipped with Wattsgood cardio equipment, which is eco-designed and made in France — and also generates electricity. Take on a sporting challenge and help generate energy by pedalling! The energy is captured by an application and directly reinjected into the building’s electrical grid. It’s so easy to take care of your health and the planet at the same time!

For this large-scale renovation, we partnered with French startups that have placed energy performance at the forefront of their concerns. To verify the claimed benefits by these manufacturers, we will conduct several measurement campaigns at the Youfirst Campus Montsouris residence. With one goal in mind: to extend this type of energy renovation to other residences if the promises materialize!