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How do I find student housing without a guarantor?

In most large university cities in France, finding housing is often compared to a Herculean task, particularly within the private rental market.

You need to start as soon as you can, since it might take a while, and finding a real gem at an affordable price and in a good location is nothing short of a miracle. Not to mention that the owner may have a number of demands that de facto exclude students not in a position to produce adequate guarantees.

At YouFirst Campus, we offer solutions to ease the process for international students.  

Our student residences: an alternative to traditional housing

Student residences are an option that combine the versatility of the private system with services specifically designed for students. Our residences, modern and comfortable, offer a variety of comprehensive services to students, who can enjoy their independence within a furnished apartment, whether on their own or with roommates. Complete with secure access, a high-speed Wifi connection and communal areas (laundromat, lounge, fitness area), they are designed to maximize student comfort. The residences, managed independently of schools and universities, are located close to major study hubs.

They are specially designed to accommodate students: their management model is more flexible, direct, tailored to address the issues and needs of the students. What is more, rent prices remains highly competitive compared to the traditional rental market.

The guarantor issue: a key topic

For most private market owners, not having a French guarantor means they can’t grant you the apartment. No apartment, no studies. So, how do I do this ? For many students the available choices are drastically reduced. And yet, not having a guarantor on French soil does not automatically make the student in question a bad payer.

Finding housing in France: the international student headache

Over 300,000 foreign students come to France every year for their studies. Some come for an exchange semester, some for a full cycle lasting 2, 3, 5 or 8 years. Within colleges and prestigious universities, studying in France not only represents an opportunity to embrace a new culture, to entrench a passion for travel, but also to improve one’s knowledge and develop new experiences. Like their French counterparts, foreign students must also find suitable housing. A task which can sometimes appear quite complicated - notably from halfway across the world - and without knowledge of the specificities of the local system.

If a private landlord is reluctant to entrust the keys of his/her home to a student with no guarantor in France, imagine a situation where the parents live in Kiev, Buenos Aires or Melbourne.

The guarantor: a safety net designed to protect both tenant and owner

When it comes to landlords and private student residences, a deposit and a guarantor are almost systematically requested. But what is a guarantor ? And why do you need one ?

The guarantor is a physical person to whom the owner may turn in the event of a tenant’s failure to pay. In theory, it's an additional guarantee that grants easier access to student housing whilst securing payments.

For starters, not all families have the financial resources to act as guarantor for a student apartment where they must prove monthly income equal to or greater than 4 times the rent. A situation that perpetuates a certain social determinism and that prevents, or at least restricts, access to studies for part of the student population. But even if they do, if they are not in France, the owners have no means to ensure that they will pay and fear having to get into an international lawsuit to get the money.

To avoid this issue, there are new products that help solving this problem. YouFirst Campus has partnered with  GarantMe, a French start-up that acts as a guarantor substitute for both French and foreign students.

In just 24 hours, students can obtain a certificate of eligibility to the guarantee and quickly and easily request YouFirst Campus housing. The GarantMe teams helps you through the application process in different languages (English, French, Chinese). A good practice to facilitate access to student housing without a guarantor.

Finding housing in France or in a student city when coming from a foreign country can be a source of stress and frustration. Which is why the solutions offered by our partner GarantMe contribute to facilitating housing access to students who do not have a guarantor. A win-win scenario that will enable you focus on studies instead of spending time on burdensome red tape.

Find all the information you need and ask for a guarantee certificate from our partner GarantMe directly.

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