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Admission requirements

For admission into a YouFirts Campus residence hall, you must be able to provide proof that :

  • You are a student studying at a school / university
  • You are less than 30 years old 
  • You are a trainee with an internship agreement, you are registered in a PhD or research scholarship

For students

Students must be supported by one or two guarantors (individuals) for their application. Guarantor must be french residents. 

For the guarantor

The guarantor's income must be at least equivalent to 4 times the amount of rent (including all charges).

Two guarantors accepted

When a single guarantor on their own does not have income that is at least equivalent to 4 times the rent, a second guarantor may be added. In this case, the 2 guarantors must each justify a monthly income at least equivalent to 3 times the amount of the monthly rent including charges.

Bank guarantee

Foreign students and students without a guarantor may set up a bank guarantee. This guarantee must be provided by a bank with a branch in France. Our default lease contract is one year, you are free to leave whenever you want with a one month notice, however the guarantee must be equivalent to one year of rent (all charges included) even if you are planning a shorter stay.  


If you cannot provide a French guarantor and you do not want to make a bank guarantee the alternative is to provide a GarantMe certificate. GarantMe is an organization that replaces your guarantor in France. By working with partner insurers who provide the guarantees expected by your owner, Garantme ensures you a file that meets the expectations of owners according to French standards.  You can benefit from a 35€ discount by giving our promotional code upon registration: CAMPUSEA2019.

Please note that YouFirst Campus cannot accept advanced payment for the rent.