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I can select up to 3 apartments
Choice 1

No more apartments available ? We can offer you some alternatives 

Depending on availability, the number of applications and the review of your file, you may be offered an apartment that is close to your selection.

Documents required for your application

To make a reservation for your apartment online, please prepare the following documents in pdf, jpg or png format:

For the future tenant:

  • photocopy of a valid photo ID (passport for foreign students)
  • photocopy of valid visa or residence permit or related document
  • photocopy of student card or proof of enrolment, as relevant
  • bank statement from a bank which has a branch in France, from which you will be debited automatically each month
  • for students who are working: photocopies of employment contract and last 3 payslips

For the guarantor(s):

  • photocopy of a valid photo ID
  • photocopies of the last 3 payslips
  • recent certificate from employer
  • photocopy of an extract from their accounting balance sheet if self-employed professional
  • photocopy of the last tax notice form (in full)
  • photocopy of the last rental payment statement
  • photocopy of the property tax statement if owner
  • bank account details for a bank with a branch in France

Students with no guarantor:

  • A bank guarantee with a bank that has a branch in France if the student's income is not sufficient



My booking in 7 steps 

With Campusea Management, you can book your student accommodation online, wherever you may be!

Step 1:
Select your accommodation.
To make your booking, select a residence in the city of your choice, as well as a type of apartment.
You can choose a maximum of 3 options, either in the same residence or at different locations. Tip: before moving on to the next step, we recommend reviewing the terms and conditions for acceptance and preparing your supporting documents.

Step 2:
Create your YouFirst Campus account online.

Step 3:
Fill out your application online.

Step 4:
Enter the information concerning your guarantor(s).

If you don't have a French guarantor leave blank. 

Step 5:
Upload your supporting documents (.pdf, .jpg format).

Step 6:
You receive a reply.
If certain items are missing, they may be requested from you by email or over the phone.
When your application is complete, you will receive an email confirming if your application has been accepted or rejected.

Step 7:
If we dont currently have availability for your requested location, you will be put in the waiting list. An offer will be made as soon as a match to your request is available.  

If your application is accepted and we have availability for your request, we will make an appartment proposal.

The following documents will then be sent out to you by email through our electronic signature platform :

  • your lease,
  • the joint guarantee commitment (if applicable)
  • the rules and regulations,
  • IT user guidelines
  • DPE energy performance report
  • ERP  pollution risk assessment report


These document will need to be electronically signed by you and by your guarantors if you have any, to confirm the booking. Your reservation will only be final once we receive the payment for the fees and deposit.   

Tip: before you move in, remember to take out insurance for your accommodation - this is a legal requirement. With our Insurance Pack, you can benefit from insurance cover tailored to your needs.