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Regulations for the YouFirst Campus Referral Operation 2021

Article 1 - Organiser

Campuséa, a société en nom collectif (general partnership) with capital of €260,000, registered at the Trade & Companies Register of Paris under number 501 705 909, whose registered office is located at 16 rue des Capucines, 75002 Paris, France, proposes a referral operation.

Article 2 – Definitions

"YouFirst Campus" denotes the trade name of CAMPUSEA and the organising company; 
The "YouFirst Campus Residences" denotes the YouFirst Campus residences involved in the referral operation:
  • YouFirst Campus Marseille La Major located at 1 rue Mazenod, 13002 Marseille
  • YouFirst Campus Lille Euralille located at 333 avenue Willy Brandt, 59000 Lille
  • YouFirst Campus Paris Le Bourget located at 5 rue Rigaud, 93350 Le Bourget
  • YouFirst Campus Paris Saint Denis located at 2 place Pleyel 93200 Saint Denis
  • YouFirst Campus Paris Bagnolet located at 6 rue Général Leclerc 93170 Bagnolet
  • YouFirst Campus Paris La Défense located at 34 avenue du Général de Gaulle 92800 Puteaux
  • YouFirst Campus Paris Grande Arche located at 1 terrasse Valmy 92800 Puteaux
  • YouFirst Campus Bordeaux Bassin à Flot located at 46 Sentes des Radoubs 33000 Bordeaux
  • YouFirst Campus Bordeaux Pellegrin located at 26/32 route des Belles Iles 33000 Bordeaux
  • YouFirst Campus Talence Université located at 36 rue Marc Sangnier 33400 Talence
  • YouFirst Campus Talence Centre located at 11 avenue du Marechal de Lattre de Tassigny 33400 Talence
  • YouFirst Campus Pessac Université located at 80 avenue du Docteur Schweitzer 33600 Pessac
The “Referrer” denotes any natural person, who meets the following cumulative conditions:
  • is of legal age and is domiciled in mainland France,
  • holds a lease for YouFirst Campus accommodation at the time of the Referral Operation;
  • is up to date with their rent and charges at the time of the referral operation. 
The “Referred Party” denotes any natural person, who meets the following cumulative conditions:
  • is of legal age and is domiciled in mainland France,
  • is a student or a person under the age of thirty undertaking training or an internship or holds a professionalisation or apprenticeship contract; 
  • does not already hold a lease for accommodation in a YouFirst Campus Residence,
The “Referrer’s Award” denotes the sum of ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY EUROS (€150) paid to the Referrer for each new client referred, in the form of a rent reduction deductible as of the date of signature of the Referred Party's entry inventory of fixtures and fittings; 
The “Referred Party’s Award” denotes the sum of ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY EUROS (€150) paid in the form of a rent reduction valid for the first rental payment due as of the date of signature of the entry inventory of fixtures and fittings; 

Article 3 - Purpose of the Referral Operation and Participation Procedure

The YouFirst Campus referral operation (hereinafter referred to as the "Referral Operation") consists of YouFirst Campus tenants recommending prospects to YouFirst Campus – to the extent specified in Article 5, meeting the criteria defined above, for YouFirst Campus Residences. 

If the application submitted by the Referred Party (-ies) is selected by YouFirst Campus and a lease is signed with the Referred Party for an effective date between 04/01/2020 and 30/06/2021, upon completion of the entry inventory of fixtures and fittings for the Referred Party, YouFirst Campus will pay the Referrer’s Award and the Referred Party’s Award to the respective parties. 

In the event that the Referrer leaves prior to completion of the inventory of fixtures and fittings of the Referred Party, it is made clear that no Referrer’s Award shall be paid to the Referrer. To participate in the Referral Operation, the Referred Party must enter the promotional code Parrain2021 on the tenant info sheet when submitting their application online on the website https://campus.youfirst.co/fr, as well as entering the Referrer’s email.

Article 4 – Duration of the Referral Operation

The Referral Operation begins on 4 January 2021 and ends on 30 June 2021.

Article 5 – Limitation of the number of referrals

The number of referrals is limited to a maximum of five (5) per Referrer for the duration of the Referral Operation. It is made clear that the Referred Party and the Referrer will be entitled to only one Award per referral and that in any event self-referral is forbidden. This offer may be used in conjunction with other current promotions.

Article 7 - Conditions of withdrawal

YouFirst Campus reserves the right to shorten, extend, modify or cancel the Referral Operation for any reason. Its liability cannot be engaged by this fact. YouFirst Campus reserves the right to refuse any referral that does not comply with the provisions of these regulations. 

Article 8 - Personal data

The personal data concerning Referrers and Referred Parties collected solely for the purpose of the Referral Operation, is processed by CAMPUSEA, the data controller, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR) and Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on data processing, files and civil liberties, as amended.

For the purposes of the Operation, only the forenames, surnames, and postal and electronic addresses (hereinafter the "Personal Data") of the Referrer and Referred Party will be collected.

The collection of such data is based on the consent of the Referrers and the Referred Parties.

Referrers and Referred Parties are notified that their personal data, collected as part of this operation, is necessary to acknowledge their participation in the Referral Operation and the granting of Awards. Failing this, the organising company will be unable to process any applications, or else said processing will be delayed. Any information or contact details that are incomplete, erroneous, false, impersonating a third party or fictitious provided by a Referred Party, or where applicable by a Referrer, shall be deemed null and void and contrary to the terms of participation in the Operation.

If the Personal Data is disclosed by the Referred Party or the Referrer for the other, each party shall enjoy the same rights. The Party disclosing the Information acknowledges that it has the consent of the other Party, and has notified it of the provisions of these Regulations, and of the rights to personal data it has in this respect. Only the organising company, its internal departments, and its potential subcontractors in charge of the actions linked to the Referral Operation will receive this data. It will not be transferred outside the European Union.

The data collected by CAMPUSEA for this Operation shall be held for a period of 12 months from the date of application by the Referred Party. Upon expiry of this period, the data will be erased or made anonymous, unless there is proof of an obligation falling to the data controller pursuant to EU law and/or the law of a Member State to which it is subject, and specifically provided that it is no longer required for the performance of a contract, compliance with a legal obligation or proof of a right and/or there is no longer a legitimate reason to hold it.

In accordance with data protection regulations and to the extent required by law, the Referred Party and the Referrer have a right of access, rectification, deletion, portability of their data, and limitation of the processing of data concerning them. They also have the right to oppose the processing of their data and the right to withdraw their consent at any time. Lastly, they have the right to issue specific or general guidelines on the processing of their data after their death. 

To exercise their rights, they may send a request by email to protectiondesdonnéesrésidentiel@gecina.fr or by post to DPO GECINA, 16 rue des Capucines, 75084 Paris cedex 02, France 

If they have further questions after contacting the DPO, the Referred Party and the Referrer may file a claim with “Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés”, the French Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties.


Article 9 – Consulting the Regulations

These regulations are available free of charge on request or can be found on campus.youfirst.co/en/content/regulations-youfirst-campus-referral-operation-2021

Participation in the Referral Operation implies the full acceptance of these regulations in their entirety. If one or more provisions of these Regulations were declared null or inapplicable, the other provisions of the Regulations would continue to apply. 

Article 10 – Applicable Law

The Referral Operation is governed by French law.