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Campuséa Management, a general partnership with capital of €2 000, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under No. 808 685 291 and with registered office at 16 rue des Capucines, 75002 Paris, France, offers real estate listings for rented apartments in student residences and an online booking system for its users, via the campus.youfirst.co website.

Though these terms of service (hereinafter "TOS"), YouFirst Campus would like to remind Users of the essential rules under which this website operates. They must be accepted in advance.

Article 1: Acceptance — Enforceability — Entry into Force of the TOS

Users may only enjoy services available on the campus.youfirst.co website provided that they have read, understood and accepted these TOS.

As a User, you declare that:

  • You are of age.
  • You have the capacity and resources to use and be a User of the website.
  • You are capable of entering into an agreement.
  • You are aware that your agreement does not require a handwritten or electronic signature.

Users may save, edit and print these TOS. Users declare that they have received all necessary information from YouFirst Campus regarding the operation, terms of access and use of the website, and unreservedly accept these TOS.

Signing in to the campus.youfirst.co website implies prior and unreserved acceptance of the TOS. YouFirst Campus reserves the right to amend and update the TOS at any time. The new TOS will enter into force on the date they are posted on the website. If the TOS are amended, Users will have to accept these amended TOS before being able to access their account area. The new TOS will be binding on Users, who can view them as they sign in and at any time by going to the "Terms and conditions" section. The online TOS prevail over any previous printed version.

Article 2: Purpose

2.1. The purpose of the campus.youfirst.co website is to enable Users, remotely and free of charge:

  • To view real estate listings for rented accommodation in student residences.
  • To submit application forms online.

2.2. Users' actions or requests, as well as any information or documents exchanged between Users and YouFirst Campus using the campus.youfirst.co website, are subject to the provisions relating to emails pursuant to Articles 1369-1 to 1369-3 and 1369-7 of the French Civil Code.

Article 3: Access

3.1. Access to the campus.youfirst.co website is free (excluding Internet connection costs) and provided 24/7, except in cases of force majeure, IT malfunctions or problems relating to telecommunications networks.

3.2. To access the online booking system, you must first register by visiting the campus.youfirst.co website and filling out the account registration form found in the "My account" section.

An email address and password are required to access the online booking system.

A valid email address must be provided during this step.

Users can only access the online booking system after completing the registration process. If the registration process is not completed, the online booking system will be inaccessible.

Lost or forgotten access codes can be reset in the "My account" section.

3.3. Users can deactivate their account at any time by sending a letter to YouFirst Campus, 16 rue des Capucines, 75084 Paris CEDEX 02, France, or by sending an email (relationsCNIL@gecina.fr), along with a copy of an identity document.

3.4 Customer usernames and passwords are strictly personal and confidential. Users are solely responsible for ensuring that their passwords remain secret and for any actions performed using their customer accounts. Furthermore, Users acknowledge that they are solely responsible for any consequences arising from the disclosure or use of their passwords by a third party.

Signing in to the booking system using a password is taken to be the sole action of the user to whom the password belongs.

Article 4: Content, Modification and Deletion of Accounts

4.1. The content of the campus.youfirst.co website, and the information and documents that can be viewed by Users are based on the exclusive selection of YouFirst Campus, which may modify this content at any time.

4.2. In the event of a technical problem or during any maintenance work, YouFirst Campus may have to close down all or part of the website. An information notice will inform Users who are attempting to log in of such action.

4.3. YouFirst Campus also reserves the right to immediately and summarily deactivate or delete a user account in the following cases:

  • Any account usage that does comply with these TOS.
  • Any excessive, violent, abusive or inappropriate language or remarks contained in any actions or requests that Users are requested to perform via the website.
  • Any unauthorized sign-in attempts through fraudulent use of the system or theft of access codes.

Article 5: Liability

5.1. Neither YouFirst Campus nor its directors, employees or other representatives may be liable for any inability to access to the website owing to the specific configuration of the IT equipment of Users or their Internet access. In general, YouFirst Campus may not be held liable for the quality of the service, any usage disruption or inability to use the website, or any IT security breaches that may damage Users' computer hardware and their data.

5.2 YouFirst Campus may not be held liable for any breach of these terms of service by Users.

Article 6: Intellectual Property

6.1. The title, design, form, content (brands, texts, layout of colors, illustrations, photographs and original images) and any part of the website's graphic design, its overall architecture and presentation, as well as any software, software compilation, source code, and more generally, any information and/or documents contained in and on the website and any materials created for the website are either the property of YouFirst Campus, or are covered under rights of exploitation, use, reproduction and/or representation granted to YouFirst Campus.

Such information, documents and materials are subject to international laws and conventions protecting copyright, and any reproduction, representation, use or exploitation, whether in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of YouFirst Campus is prohibited.

6.2. These TOS do not constitute any transfer of intellectual property rights associated with the website or its materials to Users.

6.3. Users shall refrain from any action that may directly or indirectly infringe YouFirst Campus' property rights or any third-party property rights to the website's materials, where applicable. Users are therefore prohibited from modifying files, documents, data, information or any materials belonging to YouFirst Campus or third parties.

 Users agree to take all necessary measures to protect the intellectual property rights associated with the website. In particular, they shall leave all ownership notices included in all the materials available on the website or communicated to them by Campuséa as they are.

Users agree not to reproduce, forward, sell or distribute the website's content.

Article 7: Collecting and Processing Personal Data

7.1. Proper functioning of the website requires accurate, up-to-date and correct personal data to be given, especially for the purposes of creating Users' customer accounts or to enable Users to make bookings online. The data given by Users in these areas (compulsory information fields or open comment sections) will be shared only with YouFirst Campus' authorized services and any partners, subject to approval by Users. These data will be processed by Campuséa, which is responsible for data processing, for the sole purpose of managing bookings.

Users who are signed in to their account can amend certain personal data at any time, by going to the "My account" section.

In accordance with Loi n° 78-17 du 6 janvier 1978 relative à l'informatique, aux fichiers et aux libertés, modifiée par la Loi n°2004-801 du 6 août 2004 (French act No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 on information technology, files and freedoms, amended by French act No. 2004-801 of August 6, 2004) and Ordonnance n°2011-1012 du 24 août 2011 (French order No. 2011-1012 of August 24, 2011), Users may request to access, rectify or delete personal data that they have provided by writing to or emailing the data controller at Campuséa, 16 rue des Capucines, 75054 Paris, CEDEX 02, France, (relationsCNIL@gecina.fr), along with a copy of an identity document.

7.2. In order to help Users browse the website and to monitor its use, YouFirst Campus uses cookies (as defined by the CNIL, [Commission Nationale de l'Informatiques et des Libertés — the French data protection authority]), the use of which must be accepted by Users via their browser settings.

The CNIL defines a cookie as follows:

"A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your hard drive by the server of the website you are visiting. It contains certain data, including:

  • The name of the server that wrote the cookie.
  • Commonly an identifier in the form of a unique number.
  • Potentially an expiration date.

This information is stored on your computer in a simple text file that a server accesses to read and record information.

A cookie must be associated with a unique domain name (belonging to the server that issued it), so that only a request from the same server can access it.

An Internet browser must be able to store approximately 300 cookies, with up to 20 for a single server, and each cookie up to 4000 bytes (approx. 4 KB)."  

In accordance with Article 32 II of the above-mentioned French act of January 6, 1978, Users have the right to query, access, rectify and oppose personal data transmitted through cookies. These rights relating to YouFirst Campus can be exercised by writing to or emailing Campuséa, 16 rue des Capucines, 75084 Paris, CEDEX 02, France (relationsCNIL@gecina.fr), along with a copy of an identity document.

Users can configure the options of their Internet browser if they do not wish to receive cookies or if they want their browser to notify them whenever cookies are received.

Article 8: Security

8.1 YouFirst Campus does its best to ensure that the website is secure, but cannot guarantee absolute security given the complex nature of the Internet. Connections to and exchanges of data with the website are secure. YouFirst Campus uses secure encrypted exchanges in accordance with the "SHA-1 RSA (2048-bit)” standard issued by VeriSign Class 3 SSL.

Users acknowledge that they are fully aware of the nature of an Internet network and, in particular, the difficulty of controlling how third parties use it.

8.2 Users agree not to damage, illegally access or modify data stored on the YouFirst Campus server.

Article 9: Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

9.1 These provisions are governed exclusively by French law. The official language of the TOS is French, notwithstanding their translation into one or more foreign languages.

9.2 Any disputes, claims or disagreements relating to the conclusion, execution or termination of these TOS will be brought before the courts of where the YouFirst Campus head office is located.